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Carpet Restoration

Carpet Restoration DallasCarpet restoration is essential whenever emergency water damage and flooding happens in home or place of business. We offer expert restoration of your water damaged carpets in a timely fashion. Replacement of carpets can be a major expense, and many times it’s not always necessary to get rid of your existing carpet after it’s been damaged. We can help you take the proper steps to clean, recondition and restore your damaged carpet. We are available at any hour; our help line is always open to get you the answers you need. Call us now!

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Is Carpet Restoration Possible?

There are several conditions to look for when determining the severity of damage and how likely it will be that we can help you to restore your carpet or rug, rather than have to replace it.

How long have your carpets been continually immersed in water? The longer the carpet sets in water the more damage is done to its backing. The carpet fibers are held together with a polyurethane backing which can be damaged by water. One of our trained professionals can determine this extent and provide a carpet restoration plan accordingly.

What type of water is involved with the damage? “Black water” such as raw sewage or rainwater that has passed over contaminates is highly unsanitary and can cause illness or even death if one is exposed to it in the wrong way. Cleanup and restoration must only be performed by a qualified technician, like one from our team, who then can determine the proper course of action. In many cases, it is safer to remove carpets rather than restore them when this heavy contamination exists. We won’t take risks for your health, or your family or employees’ either.

Another factor is the carpet’s pre-existing condition before the water damage occurred. One thing to consider “Is this carpet worth saving?” Sometimes carpets are already suffering deterioration with heavy wear and use, needing replacement before any water damage even takes place.
With the exception of some of these previous severe examples, our carpet restoration techniques can bring back the fibers and life of carpets to a pre-flooded state.

Carpet Restoration Services

If you decide that your carpet is worth saving, and you call us for carpet restoration, here’s an idea of what we’ll be doing.

The first step we’ll do is to extract all standing water from carpet and floors. This is so important because within 24-48 hours clean water can grow mold (fungi) and bacteria. The carpet and padding acts like a sponge containing this moisture and must be removed quickly.

Once we perform the water extraction, we will use high speed fans to help dry out the surface area of the carpet. These specialized fans can be placed under the carpet also for faster drying and elimination of moisture from carpet fibers.

At this time, we will also use commercial grade dehumidifiers that remove moisture out of the air quickly and eliminate the danger of secondary water damage and its effects. Eliminating this harmful moisture is by far the single most important step when successful carpet restoration is performed in home or office. We have the right equipment and the right expertise, being fully professional in this field, to pull it off excellently.

Carpet Services in TexasAdditionally anti-microbial treatments are required to inhibit the growth and spread of mold and mildew from carpets and flooring. Within 72 hours, under right temperature conditions, mildew can start feeding off the organic matter in the carpet and mold can form and start germinating. This must be prevented by using anti-microbial treatments applied by fogging and spraying.

When you call us fast to perform timely carpet restoration, foul-smelling odors that can occur from moisture trapped in fibers and padding are eliminated. If carpets are not reached in time for water extraction and drying and an odor is present, several different actions can be taken to eliminate this as well.

We can replacing padding and cleaning carpets with hot water extraction equipment, also know as steam cleaning, which is an effective step in eliminating foul odors. Also, we can use fogging treatments with powerful enzymes that break apart the molecular bonds of odor-causing compounds, and eliminate both odors and harmful contaminants, which is likewise effective.

When water damage strikes, flooding your carpets and flooring, our full-service professionals are trained and equipped with the latest technology and proven industry standards to provide the highest quality care and service to you.

Call us today and consult with one of our carpet restoration service professionals to successfully restore your home or business with the least amount of stress and strain on you and your family.

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