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First Steps to Take When Flooding is Discovered

A flooded house can be caused by many different sources but no matter what the cause it is always a stressful situation. The flooding can be a simple inconvenience like a backed up toilet or as disastrous as a broken pipe. Whatever the extent of the flooding, if it is left without remediation for even a short period of time, it can lead to extensive damage.

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Flooding usually occurs without warning. You may arrive home and walk down to the basement to throw in some laundry, and find water that has never been there before. When this happens it is important to shut off the electricity if it can be done without walking through the water. Never walk through flood water in your basement.

The next step is to determining the cause of the flooding. If it has recently rained heavily the cause is obvious and a flood remediation company should be called immediately. If you hear water or your water meter is running, turn off the main shut off, and then call a water removal and restoration company.

If the flooding is on the ground floor or upper floor it could be caused from:

Leaking roof – If water is discovered in a room after a heavy rain, weather is probably the cause. Cleaning up the water is not enough: Moisture lingering in the walls could cause spongy dry wall and hazardous mold growth. A water remediation company uses detection equipment to locate and dry those areas of hidden moisture. A roof repair company must also be called a soon as possible to address the source of the problem.

A backed up drain – Whether it originates in a toilet, dishwasher or clothes washer, this issue is annoying but generally contained to an immediate area. Fortunately a plumber and a water remediation company can take care of the situation quickly and easily.

Broken water pipe – Caused by faulty plumbing, a leaking water heater or frozen pipes, these situations can lead to catastrophic damage especially when not discovered for a long period of time. A security system can include water detectors to alert a central monitoring station if flooding occurs. This way, a designated individual can arrive to shut off the water. A flood remediation company should be called immediately to minimize damage and prevent future problems.

Weather related general flooding – Warnings are usually in place hours, or even days, before flooding occurs. Listen to the radio and if flooding is imminent move all that you can to the upper floor. Then disconnect all appliances. Evacuate the area if orders are given. Should you find your area flooded without warning take all the above steps and move to an upper floor and await help. Do not try to walk though or drive through flood waters. You will risk injury, illness, electrocution or drowning.

No matter what the cause of the flooded house and how much water is involved, it is important to call a flood remediation company right away followed by your insurance company. Flood restoration pros are experts in drying up and cleaning up your home, and keeping damage as minimal as possible. They are also experienced in dealing directly with your insurance company. Flooding of any proportion should not be taken lightly and always handled by a professional.

Flood Kings performs water cleanup and restoration in Dallas, Plano, Frisco and surrounding cities.