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Our trucks are fully stocked so you get the fastest service possible, we can do an estimate on the spot, explain your insurance options, and immediately get to work removing the water.

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Emergency Service

Anytime you need us day or night, we will be there. The faster you remove excess water from your home, the quicker the drying process and the less chance of mold setting in.

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Complete Restoration

At Flood Kings we provide every step of the restoration service, from the very beginning of water extraction, to the complete restoration of your home to its original state.

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Flood Cleanup

Flood cleanup can require emergency service, and so we are available 24/7. It can be scheduled, as long as you get us to your home or business very soon after water has receded. You don’t have to wait until all of the water is gone. That’s what we handle, with our powerful pumps. Call us to get standing water out, and then to go to work salvaging what we can and cleaning up the silt, smell and sanitation issues with flood cleanup and water damage restoration services.

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Emergency Flood Cleanup

If you’ve walked into your property and found a flood, you are probably distraught right about now. We are available around the clock to help you through. We offer a help line via phone to offer you immediate assistance, and can come out to get the water out of your home right away. Once we’ve gotten the immediate danger resolved, we then get to work on flood cleanup and restoring your belongings.

We recognize that in the aftermath of flooding, the situation can seem hopeless to a home or business owner. We want to assure you that it is not, when you put the job in the experienced hands of our professional flood cleanup team. In fact, as our technicians begin their work, our customers are able to see fairly soon that it isn’t quite as bleak as they thought. It is still a serious blow, and yet the knowledge that things can be saved is heartening.

Quick Flood Cleanup ServiceHere is how we tackle the aftermath of a serious water event:

We use pumps to remove thousands of gallons within hours to facilitate flood cleanup. Then our high velocity water vacuum suctions water that is soaking furnishings and standing on floors. Our power circulating equipment gets drying air moving across surfaces, including under carpeting.

We then have special technology “look” inside walls to determine where it is wet, so that we can dry it. We use steam cleaning to restore your carpet and upholstery, and then lay down biocides and fungicides to prevent mold and bacteria growth. Mold remediation will be likely after 48 hours, to kill anything that may have started growing. Odor treatments will also begin using a molecular odor destruction technology to make sure your home is smell-free.

This is not the case when people try to do it on their own. Getting in the middle of the mess, with amateur equipment and no flood cleanup knowledge makes the project doomed to fail and people get even more discouraged.

Dallas Flood Damage Restoration

Flood Cleanup Safety

When flooding is in a basement, we urge you to stay out. There is a real danger of electrocution, especially if the power box is down there. And there are other electrical sources, such as furnaces, water heaters and appliances. We are trained to handle all of the safety precautions that are needed during flood cleanup. If the junction box is in a readily-available area that is not wet, and you know how to shut down power, it is usually safe to do so.

This brings up a point to consider. The inclination is to get into the house or business to begin immediately finding things to salvage. It certainly is essential for you to see the extent of damage in order to determine if you need us. Our advice is for one person to go in, perhaps wearing rubber boots for protection. Flood waters can be at various levels of contamination. You need to protect yourself, and ask others to postpone their desire for their own flood cleanup. All it takes is a splash of contaminated water in a mouth to cause serious gastrointestinal problems. If you were to cut a hand that is wet with the dirty water, a major infection could result.

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