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Anytime you need us day or night, we will be there. The faster you remove excess water from your home, the quicker the drying process and the less chance of mold setting in.

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At Flood Kings we provide every step of the restoration service, from the very beginning of water extraction, to the complete restoration of your home to its original state.

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Mold Removal

We take mold removal seriously, because it is a very serious matter. In the long run, it is more serious than saving carpeting and drying out wallboard in the aftermath of flooding. Mold is a known health hazard. Even if your outbreak is not caused by a water intrusion, but from an internal source, we are the people to call. We safely get the threat out of your home or business.

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Many people are unaware that there are government standards and recommendations for removing mold. The reason for the specifications is that mold spores are airborne. They cause illness when breathed in. Professional mold removal requires efforts to contain their spread through the air, and cleansing the air of the spores before they poison breathing.

Fast Mold Removal Dallas

As an indication of just how dangerous mold is, professional crews often wear what you might call “moon suits” while handing a mold removal job. They wear breathing masks and sometimes filtering devices that cover their nose and mouth. Vacuuming and air cleansing equipment feature specially designed filters that trap spores, which are then safely disposed of. Did you know that once a mold filter is full, it must be disposed of as hazardous waste? As a final step, strong anti-microbial solutions are washed or sprayed over the impacted areas to halt reproduction and prevent future growth.

We can provide mold removal services in one room, or an entire home or office. We will still “attack” the growth in manageable sized areas, which are surrounded in plastic to keep the airborne mold spores within a contained area. We hope that you call us at the first discovery of black or deep green mold on a wall, ceiling or piece of carpet. It will only spread. It will only make the job of mold removal bigger. It is a health threat that will only grow larger without proper attention.

Mold Removal After Flood

Even if you have not seen an outbreak of mold, if you have had flooding, a leak fixed or a pipe burst, you will want to have a professional determination of whether there are hidden pockets of mold growth. Not only do we provide water damage restoration services to handle the immediate problem of flooding, but we will then go back in and ensure there is no mold on your property. We have high-tech materials we use to spray underneath the various places in your building that mold may try to grow, to keep it from forming. However, if you’ve already got mold visible, you should call us ASAP.

Affordable Mold Removal CompanyThe presence of mold is not something to be ashamed of, feel guilty about, or try to hide. It is not a reflection on your housekeeping. It simply means moisture has collected in an area and only becomes apparent because mold spores set down in that spot and began to multiply. Most people don’t know those spots exist until they discover the need for mold removal. Mold loves wet, dark areas. Without moisture, it won’t grow. So a critical step in dealing with mold is tracking down sources of moisture and eliminating them, such as:

Flooding from any source – a natural body of water; fire sprinklers; or malfunctioning plumbing can cause mold to grow.

Excessive humidity in a home or commercial building is a common cause of mildew.

An undiscovered plumbing problem in walls can create an ideal condition for mold.

Improper basement and crawl space waterproofing will bring about mildew.

An undetected leak allowing moisture in from the outdoors; or water from a source inside a structure, or a roof leak will frequently cause pockets of mold.

Condensation can also bring about mildew in homes.

If you’ve got any symptoms of this, don’t wait until it’s affecting your health or your daily life. We will come to your aid with mold removal now.

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