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Water Damage Restoration

Water Damage Restoration DallasWater damage restoration provides a welcome and efficient method of saving your home and possessions following the devastating effects of flooding. Water damage can happen for many reasons. Whether it’s heavy rainfall, street flooding, burst river banks or simply a water tank that has spilled into your home, the aftermath of any form of flooding can be a distressing and upsetting experience. Our team is available 24/7 to help you through it, and get your life back to normal. If you’ve had an emergency and your home or business has water damage, call us now to get assistance.

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Only a few short years ago, flooding would inevitably lead to the evacuation of a property and by the time a building was ready to return to, the damage was often irreparable. Furniture would be lost, carpets would be covered in sludge and even the structural elements of a home would be affected. We have the technology of restoration services and can avoid most of this, and can salvage much of your furniture and your property. Call us if you’re having an emergency.

To prevent the very worst damage, it is absolutely vital that a flooded building receives attention as soon as possible. Our water damage restoration team is on constant call to stop a drama from turning into a crisis. With years of experience behind us, we’ll be there to not only save your home from the worst of flood damage but to save your valuables as well!

Water Damage Restoration Services

As experts in water damage restoration, we know that prompt action can minimize any long term damage and our modern work techniques will soon have your home looking and feeling great again. Our teams arrive fully equipped to salvage and restore carpets and furniture to pre-flood conditions while making sure all electrical safety problems are resolved.

Texas Water Damage Repair ServicesBy working on your home and property immediately, our water damage restoration service not only limits the total amount of flood damage but can also save thousands of dollars in replacement furniture and building restoration costs.

Our full and comprehensive service provides a range of fully-featured vehicles and equipment to cope with all of your water damage restoration needs, including:

Fully equipped vehicles with powerful, state-of-the-art water extractors that are completely portable and ready to cope with even the most severe of flood conditions.

A full range of moisture detection equipment to evaluate the safety of your property once pumping is complete. Our hygrometers and saturation testing kits quickly locate moisture in your property to allow for fast remedial action and to protect against further damage.

Environmentally friendly deodorizing agents to fight back against the microorganisms and bacteria that dwell in moist conditions.

Full and effective disinfection to arrest the growth of fungi, mold, bacteria and mildew.

Large scale dehumidifiers to reduce humidity levels. Dryer air will minimize secondary damage to the structure of your home and to your furniture and belongings.

Fast action turbo dryers to circulate warm airflow and evaporate moisture, leading to dry footings, walls, carpets and furniture.

Advanced drying equipment that can be monitored and regulated to maintain optimum conditions and to reduce the chances of walls and floors swelling.

Top branded carpet and furniture cleaning units to restore your personal property to pre-flood conditions.

Water Restoration Company

As soon as our water damage restoration team arrives, a thorough assessment and documentation of the conditions of your property will be made. Our specialist crew will also take sufficient steps to stem any potential for further damage before making recommendations on your property and contents.

We’ll also carry out a stringent series of tests for evidence of bacteria, mold and mildew and establish a schedule for drying time so that you and your family can be back at home as soon as possible.

We fully understand the stress that flood damage can cause and our water damage restoration service team is experienced in dealing with of all forms of flood damage in a considerate and sympathetic manner.

With our dedication to service and the utilization of some of the most efficient equipment available, our water damage restoration team will have you back on your feet as quickly as possible.

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We provide water damage restoration in Dallas, Plano, Frisco and surrounding areas.