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Our trucks are fully stocked so you get the fastest service possible, we can do an estimate on the spot, explain your insurance options, and immediately get to work removing the water.

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Emergency Service

Anytime you need us day or night, we will be there. The faster you remove excess water from your home, the quicker the drying process and the less chance of mold setting in.

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Complete Restoration

At Flood Kings we provide every step of the restoration service, from the very beginning of water extraction, to the complete restoration of your home to its original state.

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Water Extraction

Water extraction is available to you around the clock when you’ve had a flood or another emergency. Our restoration services are just a phone call away; our team is ready to assist with all of your flooding and drainage needs at any time. Our fast, friendly service crews have many years of experience to offer and they are dedicated to providing a safe, dry and odor-free environment that means you will be back in your home within a very short time. If you need water extraction, call us now for fast service.

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Broken water heaters, burst pipes or natural flooding can all have a dramatic effect on your home or surrounding property. Our specially trained emergency teams are familiar with all of your water extraction needs and are provided with the very latest industry equipment to make your clean-up operations a complete success.

Water Extraction Dallas

Flood Water Extraction

We understand that sudden flooding can cause untold damage to your home and property. Standing water can quickly cause structural damage and damp conditions are conducive to the formation of mold and bacteria if they aren’t dried quickly enough. We know, too, that the risk of secondary damage is always a possibility and precious items such as carpets, furniture and personal belongings are all at risk if water extraction isn’t provided as quickly as possible. We are always available to pump out the flood water in your home or business.

The most critical factor to any form of flooding is quick response. The longer that water stays in your home or on your property, the greater the chance of saturation and lasting damage. Our fully skilled water extraction teams will help to resolve your flooding issues quickly and easily with little or no need for any form of structural repair work.

Restoration After Water Extraction

Once we’ve removed all standing water, our team will follow up by taking care of all forms of structural drying as well as the drying and cleaning of carpet and furniture.

As always, our priority will be towards the safety of you, your family and our team of water extraction technicians so part of our superb service includes a thorough inspection of your property to make sure that all electrical points are safe and clear of water before work begins.

Our water damage restoration services are among the most comprehensive that our industry provides and are designed to offer our customers total satisfaction and complete peace of mind. We can provide water extraction options for a vast range of possibilities including:

  • Broken water tanks
  • Broken water heater
  • Broken and leaking pipes
  • Flooding
  • Natural disasters including damage from sources of natural water
  • Internal flooding as a result of fire

Our team will arrived in fully equipped vehicles fitted with the latest industry appliances. All of our modern, portable water extraction units are part of an unrivaled and committed damage restoration service that we provide. We are proud to give you a battery of key benefits:

Indoor Flood Water Extraction
-Fast response on a 24 hour basis
-Insurance work undertaken
-Fast drying times
-Huge savings in repair cost
-All work carried out using cutting edge technology
-Fully licensed and insured
-Minimum inconvenience to you

When you use our water extraction service, you’ll be hiring a team with many years of caring service that understands how upsetting flooding and the effects of water damage can be. That’s why we’ll also provide an effective drying service that promotes the circulation of warm air to reduce total drying times. We also stock top-of-the-line dehumidifiers to reduce the risk of secondary damage to your prized possessions.

We also provide an effective follow-up service to help remove odor, mold, bacteria and mildew from your home. We always aim to leave a dry, clean and habitable environment in the fastest time possible so that any disruption to your everyday life is kept to an absolute minimum. We look forward to being of service to you.

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We provide water extraction in Dallas, Plano, Frisco and nearby cities.